Rain Water Harvesting

Our Engineers can design systems for single residencies right up to multiple new build housing developments. Fresh water is one of the most precious natural resources we have. The UK experiences water shortages when rain is scarce yet most of us take clean water for granted. As a consequence the UK wastes a lot of water. Water that is currently extracted from Rivers, reservoirs or underground sources is becoming more environmentally damaging to obtain, necessitating the need for alternatives.

A large percentage of the water that we use doesn’t need to be of drinking quality, for instance water used to irrigate our gardens and agriculture, to flush our toilets or wash our clothes. There is an environmentally friendly alternative.

The basic concept of Rain Water Harvesting is one that we are all familiar with. Catching rain as it falls and storing it for later use. Just like our water butts do in the garden. By taking this concept to the next level Floodguards are helping to increase the uptake of Rain Water Harvesting by offering bespoke system design and implementation of Rain Water Harvesting on a commercial scale. The rain water harvested is collected in tanks and then pumped to systems that don’t require "drinking quality" water such as toilet cisterns, outside hose pipes and washing machines.