Mr & Mrs Patrick, Listed Property, UK

In a response to a recent  email enquiry regarding further flood protection work, Floodguards Director, Gavin George asked Mr & Mrs Patrick if they had had any need to use the guards that they had originally had installed on their listed property in 2002

"Yes, we did use Floodguards barriers purchased from your company in January
2002 following a flood in October 2001.

We have put up the barriers a number of times since then when we felt threatened by the stream at the bottom of our garden.

Until June 2007, however, we had never actually seen them in action protecting our home for real.

The barriers held back the floodwater extremely well and we were really impressed. Eventually the height of the water did breach the top of the barrier at the french window but there was no force behind it, a mere trickle over the top.

As we already mentioned, water penetrated through the porous old brickwork either side of the barrier. Again, this was just a trickle and we thought that we would simply need a new carpet. But then the downstairs toilet overflowed and there was nothing we could do to stop it so quickly. Thanks to the barriers, however, we only had 6" or so throughout the downstairs rooms of our home. In 2001 with sandbags alone, it reached at least 12".

Our village experiences flash flooding with the water from the stream rising rapidly with run-off from the surrounding farmland. The barriers were probably in action for approx 4 or 5 hours rather than days but worked brilliantly. Had it not been for the overflowing drains, we would have survived fairly well thanks to them.

Many thanks,
Sue Patrick