Riverside Lodge

Client: Riverside Lodge Ltd
Location: Morpeth, Northumberland
Background: The building was an unused Bingo Hall which was being redeveloped as a Banqueting Hall and Restaurant when flooding struck. Located within 50m of the River Wansbeck in Morpeth it suffered from fluvial flooding, and also from surface water run-off at the rear of the building.
Flooding History: Flooded in 2007
Cost of flooding: £200,000
Cost of protection: £18,500
Resistance measures: Floodguards to doors and airbricks
Installation dates: 23-28th July 2009
Who paid: Client
Resilience measures: None
Insurance issues: Moved policy from incumbent company on installation of protection. Obtained a buildings insurance premium 20% of the cost of the previous one despite the sum assured increasing
Tested by flooding: Not yet

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Client comments:

I fully understand the importance of the first contact and in this respect James was first class, within a day, he had arranged for Berty’s team to survey the site, we were tremendously impressed with Berty’s knowledge and ability to confidently answer all our questions and concerns..

I along with my colleagues on site, could not believe the dedication, work ethic, quality and experience of how Floodguards’ personnel went about their work, which sadly in this day and age, is unusual to say the least.

For what it is worth, the first response from your competition was some 3 days after your people commenced installation. I might have touched lucky with the personnel responsible for our project, however I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your product…


Riverside Lodge

River Wansbeck


Floodguards installation (Channel & Cover with Back-frame)