Mr & Mrs Fairhead

The tiny Finchingfield Brook in Essex has turned into a raging torrent four times – three of which caused huge destruction to the home of Gil and Peter Fairhead.

“But the last deluge was 10 days after we installed Floodguards,” says Mrs Fairhead. “The water was 18 inches deep outside – but it was dry inside. For peace of mind alone, Floodguards are worth the investment. We now sleep at night. Thoroughly recommended.”

Grace Robertson lost all her possessions in the 2003 Scottish floods. Now she is one of hundreds of council and private Moray householders who have installed Floodguards.

“I was put into temporary accommodation for six months. It was worse for some others – they literally died of broken hearts,” she says. “Floodguards give us peace of mind. We think they are brilliant – they’ve been excellent. I’m very, very pleased.”