EA Winnersh Project

Flood Protection for a Residential Area


Year:                               2011

Area to benefit:                Winnersh, Berkshire

Protection offered for:       48

Protection accepted for:    35 (72%)

Source of funding:            Environment Agency (Thames Region)

Extent of protection:         Doors, windows, airbricks

Duration of project:              6 weeks

Overview of Community Flooding

As part of the Winnersh Household Level Flood Mitigation Scheme, funded by the Environment Agency, some 48 residential properties were earmarked to be protected.  The properties were located in the flood plain of the River Loddon in an area which has experienced flooding historically from primarily fluvial sources.  In the past the roads in which the properties were located have flooded as a result of the River Loddon exceeding the channel capacity.  A main river tributary of the River Thames, the River Loddon is maintained by the Environment Agency.  There is a flood warning service provided for the residents of Winnersh by the Environment Agency, who have a river level gauge on the River Loddon upstream at Arborfield Bridge and downstream at Sindlesham Mill.

Flood History

Properties in the village of Winnersh have experienced a long history of flooding, reflecting their vulnerable position located on the floodplain of the River Loddon.  Perhaps the most severe flooding in the past forty years was in July 2007, when properties along Reading Road experienced internal flooding, as well as flooding occurring along Cavendish Gardens, Belvedere Walk and Riverdene Gardens.  Another notable flood occurred in November 2000, however this mainly affected the local road network and no internal flooding of properties occurred.

Tender Process

A tender document was drafted and a number of companies invited to submit their tenders with a pre-requisite that they should be able to install BSI Kitemark accredited products. Prices were to be submitted for each of the properties included in the scheme although their inclusion in the contract was conditional on the return of an approval form signed by the property-owner.  The community itself was directly engaged by Floodguards at a public event at the local community centre. Tenders were submitted by Four companies and were assessed on both quality and value, Floodguards tender was duly accepted.

Project History

Having successfully tendered against 4 major competitors Floodguards was awarded the contract to protect all of the properties within the Winnersh Household Level Flood Mitigation Scheme.  Individual property surveys and recommendations had previously been carried out by JBA Consulting and details of the mitigation measures required for each property were passed to Floodguards. Floodguards carried out their own installation surveys to ascertain the type and number of our products that would be required in order to protect the properties.  In all some 116 standard guards of varying widths were utilised during the project and 4 bespoke guards had to be individually manufactured.

Floodguards completed the contract within the allotted timescale of 6 weeks from start to finish.  This was achieved because Floodguards allocated 5 teams of two installers per team to install the mitigation products to the properties.  On Average it took a team one and half days to complete each property.  However it should be noted that some properties required longer to complete than others and conversely some properties were completed in a shorter time span.

In addition to the products manufactured and installed by Floodguards other “ancillary” products were supplied to property owners, these included: Submersible pumps and Toilet Pan Seals.

Project Reception

The project was completed on time and within budgetary constraints and was received particularly favourably by the residents whose properties were protected.

Sample Views of Residents:

Ms Lomax:  “Thankfully, we have never had to use them but gives us peace of mind – Floodguards did an excellent job”

Angie Brown:  “Staff have all been very pleasant – the guards serve the purpose”

Mr Klucklow:  “The service from Floodguards was quick, efficient and friendly, giving us peace of mind and security. It’s been a learning experience, so if we are ever in this position again, we know where to go. It has also been good to see that the E.A is doing something to plan ahead.

C. Nemeth:  “Don’t worry when the bad weather hits, gives us peace of mind – Good workmanship, excellent customer service, informative and helpful. James was extremely helpful.

Paul Burnham:  “Great to see the E.A investing in taking care of society – Floodguards were very helpful and explained in detail about the products, fitters were great and very professional.”