Frank Ogg & Son of Elgin

One of Scotland’s premier Land Rover dealerships, Frank Ogg & Son of Elgin, was flooded in 2001 at a cost of £500,000 and is now refused flood insurance cover.

“If a flood happened to us again, that would be it,” says Mr Ogg. “We needed a flood protection system that is fast and easy to set up and we chose Rapidam. In our first flood alert after installation, it took just 20 minutes to erect. Floodguards did exactly what they said they would. I’m impressed.”

Our working partners in the US, Hendee Enterprises Inc. protected an underground car park at the Greenway Plaza in Houston, Texas, using a half meter high rapidam barrier.

Technical director Nic Ward is the inventor of Rapidam technology. He was inspired by the 2000 Mozambique floods and is seen here holding his original design.

“I saw the pictures of a woman handing her newly-born baby up
into a helicopter – and that was when the idea came to me. The water around her was less than a metre deep but it killed many people. A flexible barrier could have kept her and thousands of others safe in a refuge. The beginning of the entire Rapidam range was anger at senseless waste.”