Again this will involve an analysis of the building as whole. If the building floods regularly and you have exhausted all mitigation options open to you, then the last resort is re-location. This can be very expensive and there are pit falls associated with Relocation.

One of which is the cost of infrastructure connections, not only would you have the cost of moving a whole site including all of its equipment and buildings, but if the site was infrastructure critical you have to take into account the cost of moving all of the connecting services to the new site, i.e. sewage and water pipe diversion if it is a water utility pipe.

Gas pipeline diversion if it is a gas site, power transmission line diversion if it is an electrical site.. If it is feasible to relocate in terms of manpower, output etc and is financially viable then you will need to move to a location that is substantially less likely to flood. There isn’t too much advice Floodguards can offer on this option.