Complimentary Products and Services

Non Return valves (NRV’s) automatically close when water or sewage flows back through the drain system during flood conditions. The stop valve allows normal sewage flow from the inlet to the outlet side of the valve with absolutely no flow restriction. Integral stop points in the wing area plus built-in flow channels combine to direct the sewage through the valve protecting the gate from soil contamination caused by sewage flow beneath the gate.

For short term solutions Aquobex currently uses two types of NRV consisting of the McAlpine T28 NRV, and the Mainline Fullport backflow valve. Aquobex team of fitters have a vast experience of installing both of the above mentioned valves as well as experience of fitting other larger NRV’s to bigger commercial sites.

Water Proofing Treatment
Aquobex can if specified, use a water proofing treatment on building exterior walls such as masonry to increase its resistance to flooding. Usually this will be specified in the surveyors report carried out on all buildings being protected. It is usually specified because there may be concerns as to the porosity of the outer wall of a building. To ensure that the protective measures taken have the best possible chance of preventing water ingress into a building, all possible weak points are identified and remedied, this may include re-pointing, filling in of cracks and applying a water proof sealing agent.

Applying a water proof sealant agent could extend the time a building is resistant to water ingress, giving occupants the time to move valuable possessions or equipment to safer areas of the building, also giving the occupants time to either evacuate if possible or move to a higher part of a multi floored building.

The water proofing treatment Aquobex use is a carefully designed co-polymer acrylic coating. Clear in colour and is available in three concentrations.