Flood Restoration

Floodguards, in conjunction with Phoenix Environmental Services, are now able to offer a full flood restoration service to both residential and commercial property owners. Floodguards has personal experience in seeing the catastrophic damage caused by internal flooding on a property and are well placed to provide an additional layer of support for property owners and insurers that are in need of property restoration after a flood event.

This valuable experience has been gained by our network of surveyors visiting properties all over the UK after a flood event, and it is very apparent that there are simply not a sufficient number of qualified companies or skilled professionals out there to deal with flood restoration. This is evidenced by properties in Carlisle not being restored for over 24 months, and eventually when the works were carried out the level of competence and workmanship was below the required standard, causing the property owner yet more despair. This severe skills gap has led to Floodguards developing their own flood restoration facility, and our trained professionals are more than qualified to carry out any form of flood restoration as required anywhere in the UK.

Whilst we are considered industry experts in preventing water ingress into a property via entrance and egress points, there are still thousands of properties that remain unprotected with any form of flood protection products, and it is therefore inevitable that flood water will still enter a property and subsequently cause serious internal damage, as detailed in the photographs below.

Many property owners think that flooding purely happens from external means, but properties can also become inundated with water from burst pipes, fire or sewage backup etc.

The burst pipe scenario is obvious, once a leak develops in the pipework of a property the water can build up over a period of time or it can accumulate so quickly that the property owner can do little or nothing about it. It can be caused by a number of factors such as prolonged periods of cold weather, corrosion or misconnections.

Fire is usually contained using some kind of fluid to prevent its spread and whilst the fire may not damage the whole of building the water used to put it out can do more damage to the property than the fire itself.

Blockages in sewage systems can cause water to back up into properties and cause flood damage; this is something that is not considered to be a primary cause of flooding or water damage by Government.

Yet all have the same effect, to introduce water into the fabric of a building causing some form of damage, whether that is to the fabric or the contents.

Floodguards are pleased to now offer a "one stop approach" to water damage by offering solutions for flood mitigation and also the recovery process if and when flood damage occurs. We can carry out tasks and install equipment to help with the recovery process that any water damaged property will need to go through. The process can include any one or more of the following: disinfecting the affected property, removing any residual water in the building, the removal of damaged furniture and goods and fittings, and the installation of equipment to "dry out" the buildings fabric.

The recovery process doesn’t stop there and nor do Floodguards solutions. Working in conjunction with your insurance company, Floodguards can repair the property to a much higher state of resilience, by using measures that could include the installation of water proof flooring, plastic skirting, water resistant plaster and plaster board etc, which all form part of the Government’s requirement for flood resilience. We can carry out the raising of capital equipment for the commercial environment or valuable items in a residential environment. We can help to design and install water resistant kitchens where white goods and cabinets are raised above the level of a flood. We can raise electrical power outlets, telephone and data points. We can install tiled flooring that can be dried and disinfected very quickly without the need to throw out expensive carpets and rugs. And we can advise on many other resilience issues.

Indeed there are many options to help property owners make their buildings and homes easier to recover from water damage and once recovered more resilient to future events. This doesn’t just apply to post flood recovery, we can help to make property that is already threatened by flooding or water damage to be both more resistant to water ingress and resilient to water damage, and we can help today to make tomorrow a little more predictable and secure. So email, or call us to see how Floodguards can help.

This service offered is unique in the market place and the one stop approach covers: