1. Desktop Flood Report
Our simplified, desktop flood report will inform you of the flood risk to the property from rivers, sea, groundwater and surface-water-flooding. Being based on indicative data from the leading industry sources it serves to demonstrate the need or otherwise of solutions to flooding. It then provides a call to action if there is risk identified or re-assurance if there is no flood risk.

2. Flood Risk Assessment
Our flood risk assessment will include detailed modeled data, analysis of flood levels against the finished floor levels and level of specific assets and inspection of building and contents. We seek to understand the criticality of business functions and assets whilst making qualitative and quantitative checks on available resource. Bespoke services are available to owners of large property portfolios including development land.

3. Design & Specification
With a thorough understanding of the problem and the potential solutions, we can specify individual systems and construction works to design an overall scheme. For larger schemes this may include recommendations for changes to operational plan, interim flood protection measures or services to produce immediate benefit. The design will take account of current best practice, guidance and legislation plus include an allowance for future climate change. We are also prepared to work to defined budgets.

4. Installation
Our installation and construction phase is a critical part of the process and is not left to chance. We offer fully trained installation teams who have been trained and approved for the respective elements of the scheme. All installation teams work to the highest standards of health & safety and environmental management with an experienced project manager overseeing the delivery of the scheme to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

5. Instruction, Testing & Embedding
Our understanding of related business processes, such as BCM plans, and flood emergency response plans enables us to provide solutions that integrate seamlessly into your business; and where required we can design the response plans themselves. In order to prepare your business for flood risk, operation and maintenance manuals are provided along with test deployments and training materials.

6. Maintenance & Guarantees
Once a flood protection scheme is delivered, a completion pack including certificate, O&M manuals updates, maintenance guide and optional maintenance contract will support you and your staff to ensure the solution remains in optimum operational condition. Where maintenance contracts are included we make an appointment to carry out a re-inspection and extend the terms of the warranty and ensure the best return on investment.

7. Risk Transfer
Aquobex offers the most transparent and comprehensive means to obtain the management of flood risk and its consequences. This robust process offers the route to obtain the best possible insurance terms or reduce the exposure levels of self-insure schemes.

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