Internal Tanking

Aquobex use a flexible membrane tanking system, it creates a cavity between damp masonry and a new wall surface. The base of the wall carries a drain channel which normally runs to a sump pump or manhole, thus relieving water pressure.

The system can be either dry lined or plastered directly on to achieve a smooth plastered finish. This method of tanking:

  • Eliminates the risk of condensation associated with cement render tanking.
  • Is not affected by structural movement or vibration from traffic.
  • Manages the water pressure by allowing the water to drain away, eliminating the risk of pushing the water elsewhere.

Our Solutions

The waterproofing solution will mainly depend on the intended use of the basement or area being water

proofed. Other considerations are the condition of the surface being water proofed and method of construction.

BS 8102, Code of Practice for protection of structures against water from the ground, identifies four categories in table one of this document:
Grade 1 ā€“ car parking, plant rooms, workshops
Grade 2 & 3 ā€“ Domestic and office use
Grade 4 ā€“ Archives and stores
Subject to requirements our solutions will include:
Cementitious renders and slurries
Cavity membranes
Resin injection (localised repair)