The Environment Agency Pilot Scheme, Gunthorpe


The Environment Agency (EA) is now beginning to consider the use of temporary and demountable flood protection products when planning an overall flood strategy for an area.

This marks a subtle shift in the EA’s strategic planning for flood prone areas. The recent floods in July of 2007 have forced the EA to consider Pilot schemes using temporary and demountable products in area’s where large scale civil engineering works would be of little use or economically unjustifiable. In the past the EA attitude would have been to allow individual isolated properties and communities to flood, in favour or protecting larger conurbations. River diversion schemes that protect larger towns and communities are usually expensive and take a long time to complete; they also have the effect of moving the problem from the protected area to more vulnerable areas downstream.

Whilst the EA remains committed to protecting larger communities, they now recognize that the smaller more vulnerable communities require protection as well.

When the EA piloted a scheme to do just that in Gunthorpe in Notts, they chose to use Floodguards products and services to protect the properties. Now some 24 home owners in the area have Floodguards fitted to their properties giving them peace of mind in the event of flooding.

For more information on the Gunthorpe Pilot Scheme visit the case studies section of the website.