Floodguards help to secure planning approval against PPS25


A prestigious development in Southampton has just been given the go ahead by the City Council because the use of Floodguards and Rapidam were integral to the planning application.

PPS 25 the latest Government planning policy that deals with developments on flood plains was the starting point for the development. Because the proposed development was to be built in an area prone to flooding, the plans had to meet PPS25 regulations.

The developer had to show that a full and proper flood risk assessment had taken place, and measures were in place to protect life and property from flooding, the buildings flood resilience, and the occupants safe evacuation in the event of a flood were the prime concerns.

The development had been turned down at least once because flood protection measures were inadequate. This was the point at which the developer approached Floodguards. Working with an independent consultancy, Flood Risk Management Services Ltd, flood risk assessments and other tests were carried out to determine how flooding would affect the building. From this Floodguards drew up a flood mitigation and defence report detailing the use of BSi PAS accredited  Temporary and Demountable Products, as specified in PPS25, to protect entry ways and exits, whilst other measures were recommended to protect the fabric of the building.

Southampton City Councils Planning Department took this renewed look at flood defences into account when reviewing the re-submitted plans. The Council decided that taking into account the new flood provision and the use of Temporary and Demountable products would indeed make the development a viable proposition.

Floodguards is proud to help get the first major nationally important development measured against the PPS25 regulations through the planning process and into construction.