Flood Guards save Elgin homes


Elgin Flood August 2009

A major flood incident occurred on 4th September 2009 during which hundreds of Floodguards were put to the test. In 2003 this was the first substantial flood protection contract for individual homes and today provides the evidence that investment in Kitemark accredited flood protection really works.

Floodguards worked with Moray Council to protect some 250 of their most vulnerable homes back in 2003.  The scheme was the very first of its kind anywhere in the UK, with BSI Kitemarked "on property protection" being fitted to the  homes.  Some of the protective measures had been tested in the past but this was the first ocassion that the entire project was tested at the same time.

The overwhelming evidence shows that the project was a great success, with homeowners and the council alike singing the praises of the scheme.

‘ A Moray Council spokesman said "The investment in 2003 had paid for itself many times over"

‘Many residents had benefited from its investment of £500,000 in flood guards, which were fitted to the doors of all council properties in 2003. “This measure has enabled countless homes to be reoccupied shortly after the floodwaters fell – homes that would otherwise have succumbed to the ingress of water” .’

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