Sand Bags

A word about sandbags: don’t.
Floodwater entering buildings or soaked into sandbags is classified as black water – in other words, contaminated with anything from rats’ urine to sewage.

It is potentially dangerous and can contain more than 120 viral infections and hundreds of bacterial infections. Sandbags almost invariably seep floodwater and will allow black water, and its health risks, into your building.

If you do use them, after flooding subsides you will need to disinfect affected areas thoroughly and dispose of the sandbags securely. It is much safer and more hygienic to use cleanable, reusable, leak-resistant barriers such as Floodguards.

Floodguards can be considered as a 21st century equivalent of sandbags. The difference is, Floodguards work and even better, are re-usable.