Sealing Cable Entry Points

The RISE Duct & Multi-cable Transit Sealing System

Aquobex has a vast amount of experience using a variety of flood protection installation techniques via leak paths such as service entry point’s e.g. ventilation ducts, electricity, data and phone cables and other utility pipes. Using the most advanced product range for water tight sealing for cable and pipe entries the RISE Duct seal is a multi-cable and pipe transit sealing system which provides an effective and simple solution to watertight duct sealing requirements.

It consists of two components: rubber inserts sleeves, used to guarantee cable separation and as a backing for the sealant layer and FIWA or NOFIRNO sealant; a high quality silicone based, water repellant sealant which consequently makes the system easier to install.

The elasticity and high bonding strength of quality sealant that we use offers a flexible seal which resists movement, shock, vibration and protection against water ingress to high pressures in excess of 4 BAR.


Another installation option preferred by Aquobex is the SLIPSIL new generation sealing plug which again combines a simple solution and effective sealing performance designed to seal cables and metallic and plastic pipes and cables against the ingress of flood water at pressures of 2.5 BAR. Sealing Plugs consist of 2 equal parts that allows them to be inserted after all pipes or cables in a conduit are installed. The flange of the sealing plug is designed in a way that even after installation they are easily recognisable. The plugs have a special profiling, the serrated profiles at the outside have an interspacing and are levelled and the inner ribs are flattened and interconnected. All tested under the severe conditions, suitable for wide ranging industries and for use in the harshest environments. Can be exposed to high pressure loads directly after installation.

All advanced products we use for water tight sealing for cable and pipe entries are approved by the following Certification Societies for use in 'A' Class, 'H' Class and Watertight Boundaries.